About Us

Ridge is an Australian engineering firm specialising in the design and construct of bulk materials handling for the quarry and mining sector.

We design, manufacture and construct industry-leading systems and processes, using pioneering and proven bulk materials handling solutions for the quarry and mining sector. We are passionate about innovation and efficiency, committed to raising the bar with every project.

We dig deep. So our clients can dig deeper.

We dig deep.So our clients can dig deeper.



Start with Understanding

Through rigorous consultation, we dig deep into our clients' needs and objectives. Our end-to-end industry knowledge allows us to deliver expert, tailored solutions and offer valuable insight to our clients.


Promoting Sustainability

Ridge champions sustainable solutions, striving always to deliver products and services that conserve energy, water and reduce emissions. Our dedication to low energy use aligns with net-zero emission targets, reflecting our genuine commitment to a greener future.


Safety Driven

Through design-phase reviews, we remove and manage construction and operational risks. Adhering to Australian Standards and best practices, we ensure consistent design intent and plant functionality to the highest safety standards.


Universal Accessibility

We’re committed to delivering top-tier designs for businesses of all sizes. We bridge the gap between leading engineering firms serving the mining sector's large, established businesses and the more basic solutions offered to its broader market, ensuring consistent quality and improved operations for all.