Forever Breaking New Ground

Ridge is a leading provider of bulk materials handling solutions to Australia’s quarry and mining industry. We pride ourselves on highly detailed engineering and design, end-to-end industry knowledge, and a steadfast commitment to our clients’ success.

What We Provide

Refined Design

Powered by years of hands-on operational experience, our industry-leading designs ensure our bulk materials handling equipment reliably delivers exceptional results.

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Quick Resolutions

Our speed-to-market approach is unique. With a history of proven projects, we draw upon past projects combined with creativity and testing to complete new projects. Our design guidelines, standard modules, and experienced team are key in executing at speed.

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Top-tier Quality

Creating quality bulk materials handling equipment is what we do best. With industry-leading expertise, we understand what clients need and respond with tailor-made equipment, systems and processes that excel in efficiency and reliability.

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Impressive Solutions

Through creativity and innovation, we lead with solutions that make a real difference, consistently exceeding expectations. Our equipment is built to withstand the rigorous demands of bulk materials handling, proving its unwavering longevity.

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